La Chanca

Located in Barbate, Salpesca specialises in the production of salted, smoked, canned and semi-preserved fish and bluefin tuna under the brands La Chanca, Baessipo and Salpesca. Its mojama is protected by the PGI Mojama de Barbate certification. They have a Tuna Museum to show visitors the ancestral tradition that exists in this part of the Cádiz coast around the world of tuna – its capture and subsequent transformation.

Ubago Group Mare

Ubago is a business group with a long history of more than 90 years.  It’s one of the leaders in the national canned fish and seafood, smoked fish, cod and salted fish sector. They have both their own and concerted fleets in different parts of the world. They’ve had a production centre in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) since 1968, among other national (Málaga) and international (Portugal, Morocco, Cape Verde) locations. 


Located in Barbate, Herpac follows a 30-year-old family tradition and specialises in the production and marketing of salted, smoked, canned and semi-preserved fish and bluefin tuna. Their mojama has the quality certification PGI Mojama de Barbate and Marca Calidad Certificada. They work with two brands: Herpac, their main brand, and a second brand, Candray.