Find foods and wines from the province of Cádiz.


In the South of the South

In the South of the South, there’s Cádiz. In the South of Europe, of Spain, of Andalusia. A triangle of territories situated in a place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea barely separated by a Strait, and between two continents – a position that marks its personality. A crossing point between villages and settlements of millenary civilizations. Cádiz and its special magnetism has trapped so many travellers who passed through… and stayed.

Discover our history

This original character can also be found in its foods and wines, its gastronomy, connected with its culture of historical miscegenation and Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Christian and American influences. All of them left their imprint in their products and wines.


This province is also a contrast. It’s got mountains, coast, and countryside … this variety makes up a range of diverse ecosystems with native species and unique products.


Mix of tradition and vanguard

Cádiz has got flavour and charm. Gusto a Cádiz invites you to enjoy its products, so personal and so full of unique flavours. It wants to show you the flavour of this southern land, a mix of tradition and vanguard, and to show you everything that you can appreciate here. The taste of almadraba tuna, salted fish and unique preserves, exquisite cheese, traditional stew, fresh fish and red meat, wines with their own personality. We hope you like them all!