Petaca Chico

Petaca Chico is a company that sells wild bluefin tuna from the almadraba traps in Barbate. It focuses on selling fresh tuna in the corresponding season and distributes ultra-frozen tuna at -60°C throughout the year.  They also prepare, pack and sell octopus, swordfish and tuna, in frozen, defrosted, fresh and, in the case of octopus, also cooked. They offer a wide range of fresh fish, as well as a line of canned almadraba tuna. They have two industrial spaces for the processing and freezing of their products in the Cádiz Free Trade Zone and Conil de la Frontera. They also have the concession of 4 Almadrabas, located in Barbate, Tahardar and Olhão.


The company Productos de Almadraba, located in Barbate, specialises in the production and marketing under the Gadira brand of wild bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) caught in the almadrabas (traps) of Zahara de los Atunes, Tarifa and Conil, an artisanal, sustainable and age-old fishery. The tuna undergoes the process of ultra-freezing at -60ºC that preserves all its organoleptic characteristics. They also have a range of salted fish, canned and semi-preserved almadraba products.

El Ronqueo

El Ronqueo has been producing canned fish since 2002. To do so, they use local raw materials from the nearest fish markets. Located in Barbate, they produce and market canned and semi-preserved fish and Almadraba tuna under the brands El Ronqueo and Artesanos de Almadraba, the latter – with certified organic ingredients.

La Chanca

Located in Barbate, Salpesca specialises in the production of salted, smoked, canned and semi-preserved fish and bluefin tuna under the brands La Chanca, Baessipo and Salpesca. Its mojama is protected by the PGI Mojama de Barbate certification. They have a Tuna Museum to show visitors the ancestral tradition that exists in this part of the Cádiz coast around the world of tuna – its capture and subsequent transformation.


Located in Barbate, Herpac follows a 30-year-old family tradition and specialises in the production and marketing of salted, smoked, canned and semi-preserved fish and bluefin tuna. Their mojama has the quality certification PGI Mojama de Barbate and Marca Calidad Certificada. They work with two brands: Herpac, their main brand, and a second brand, Candray.