Bodega Tesalia

Bodega Tesalia is located in the Sierra de Grazalema, near the town of Arcos de la Frontera.

They mainly focus on the production of red wine. With the total of 22 hectares dedicated to the winery, 11 are vineyards with Petit Verdot, Tintilla de Rota, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.

Bodega Regantío Viejo

Bodega Regantío Viejo dates back to 1979, producing red and white wines. It’s located at the foot of the Sierra de Grazalema, on the banks of the Bornos reservoir in Arcos de la Frontera. The 12 hectares of vineyards of Syrah, Merlot and Tempranillo varieties are more than 25 years old. The bodega only produces wines from its own vineyards in its modern production, ageing and bottling facilities.

Bodega Herederos de Argüeso

Bodega Herederos de Argüeso was founded in 1822 in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. It has a large wine cellar complex which was the cloister of the 16th century convent of Santo Domingo. The wineries belong to different periods and styles, although most of them belong to the 19th century, following the style of the winemaking architecture of the time. They’re producers and marketers of Manzanilla, fortified wines, Sherry vinegars, still wines, a line of sparkling wines and brandy. In 2016 the local businessman and winemaker Francisco Yuste bought Herederos de Argüeso.

Bodega de Forlong

Bodegas Forlong is located in El Puerto de Santa María, in an estate known as El Olivar de Forlón. Founded in 2014, they produce organic and artisanal wines. Their wines are red, rosé, white and sparkling and come from their own vineyards. They have a total of 11 references of their own production, from varieties such as Palomino, Pedro Ximenez, Tintilla de Rota, Syrah, Merlot and Cabert Sauvignon.

Bodega Ambrosio

Bodega Ambrosio is located in the mountain town of Olvera. It produces young white wine from organic farming, wine made with the Perruno grape variety, native of the Sierra de Cádiz, which is almost extinct. It has a family vineyard of two hectares with a microclimate that favours its cultivation. They have a tavern where they sell their wine.

Bodega Almazara Sancha Pérez

Bodega Sancha Pérez, located in the region of La Janda Litoral, mainly produces organic early harvest extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety. It also produces wines (white and red), vinegar and jam under the Sancha Pérez brand, all organically produced.


A small winery in Sanlúcar created by Rafael Rodríguez. The winery was founded in 2018 in Sanlúcar’s Barrio Alto. It produces unfortified white wines from selected plots of different winegrowers, trying to maintain old vines. Barrialto wants to keep the old vines of the area alive and in production. It produces wines with minimal intervention. It works on white wines from plots, working with the lees and other wines with over-ripe grapes.

Vinos de Albarizas

Cooperativa Vitivinícola Albarizas de Trebujena is located in the northwest of the province of Cádiz. It currently has more than 200 members and 265 hectares of albariza land vineyards. The winery was founded in 1977. The cooperative’s main mission is the sale of must. However, since 2017 they’ve launched a range of bottled wines, including two still white wines, and four fortified wines (Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso and Cream), as well as organic white wine. 

Vinos Hermanos Holgado

The Holgado family, in addition to their work with Pajarete cheeses, produce organic and artisanal wines, protected by the PGI Tierra de Cádiz. Carefully produced in limited quantities, the Hermanos Holgado wine collection features a selection of grapes from the Palomino pasture vineyard, in the heart of the Alcornocales Park, of the Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.

Huerta de Albalá

Boutique winery, created in 2006 by the businessman Vicente Taberner, is located in the town of Arcos de la Frontera. They have their own vineyards in the same town with about 75 hectares of Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tintilla de Rota varieties. They also own 27 hectares of Chardonnay and Syrah at the Balbaina estate in Jerez de la Frontera. They make signature wines with French varietals adapted to their terroir, aimed at the medium and premium quality segment of the market.