Sobrina de las Trejas

Sobrina de las Trejas is a family business with more than 160 years of history located in Medina Sidonia, dedicated to the production of artisan pastry products. They use traditional recipes that have been passed down through five generations to make typical Christmas sweets and a variety of fresh daily pastries that they sell in their shop.

Picos Yeyé

Located in Puerto Real, Picos Yeyé is a company focused on the production, distribution and sale of picos, regañas, colines, bread and homemade pastries, among others. They sell mainly to the hotel and catering sector.

Confitería Ntra. Sra. de la Paz

Since 1918, this small company has dedicated to the production of traditional sweets from Medina Sidonia, made according to traditional recipes. Their products are natural, without additives or preservatives. In addition to Christmas specialities, they also make fine pastries and cakes.


Located in El Puerto de Santa María, where its name comes from (previously known as the “Town with a Hundred Palaces”), it’s a family business that produces completely handmade tile-shaped sweets of different flavours in a stone oven. For example – Tejas de almendras (almond tiles). They’re sold with very careful presentation in tins, glass or porcelain.

Postres La Cobijada

Postres La Cobijada, located in Vejer de la Frontera, is focused on the artisan production of frozen desserts, cakes and ice cream aimed at the catering and food sector. All their products are gluten-free.  They’re currently working on a network of cafeteria-ice-cream parlours as a franchise-type business model.

Tres Martínez

Tres Martínez is a third-generation family-run artisan confectionery company with a tradition that dates back to 1886. It’s located in Barbate, in the region of Litoral de la Janda. They make a wide range of traditional sweets, designer sweets, cakes and pies, dry pastries and a wide range of chocolates in their two bakeries. They have the Parque Natural de Andalucía quality mark on some of their products.

Aromas de Medina

Located in Medina Sidonia, this is a family business that’s been making traditional local sweets since 1958. In addition to the Christmas sweets marketed under the Aromas de Medina brand (their most traditional range and the one they are best known for) they also make cakes and pastries under the Torremiel brand and ice-cream desserts under the Alanda brand. Their Alfajor is protected by the Alfajor de Medina Sidonia PGI.