The Mountains

The third side of this tasty triangle of the province are the mountains. Although it may be surprising, it’s the rainiest part of Spain, but with a beautiful landscape of White villages – a terroir which brings a great variety of products.

Its vegetation provides food for an abundant population of goats, some of which are native breeds, perfectly adapted to this natural environment. Cheeses made from the milk of two breeds native to the area, Payoya goat and Merina Grazalemeña sheep, are produced here. In recent years, the local cheese dairies, most of which are small, have placed themselves among the world’s elite of premium quality cheeses, winning numerous national and international prizes and awards. Their prestige is growing day by day.
Another livestock activity in the mountains with extensions to the meadows of the countryside area is the extensive Iberian pig breeding – a totem animal of a singular and unique race. It produces both high quality meat and chacinas (cold cuts).

The mountains are also a larder of other tasty products. For instance, extra virgin olive oil from its olive groves located in rugged enclaves where it’s very hard to work. Their steep slopes mean completing some tasks manually by the hard-working mountain olive farmers.

There is also an abundant honey production, which is also shared with other areas of the countryside. The nature is generous and fills this ecosystem with wildflowers – to the delight of the bees. Organic honey and traditional honey in different varieties: thousand flowers, holm oak, heather, eucalyptus, lavender, orange blossom…
Many flavours to suit all tastes!