IGP Alfajor de
Medina Sidonia

The town of Medina Sidonia is famous for being the capital of Arab world’s pastry. It’s got a singular and long history with a special relevance in the universe of Cádiz pastry. 

This enclave acquired great splendour in the Muslim period and was the confectionery capital of the Arab world. The fame of its sweets and alfajores crossed borders, as attested by numerous writings, the most famous being those of Dr. Thebussem, a 19th century writer and journalist, well known for his gastronomic treatises.

It’s a sweet with a very particular flavour that is difficult to describe. The recipe comes from the Middle Ages and dates back to 1480. Its ingredients are natural, unprocessed, without additives or colouring agents, and honey is its preservative

Although it was born as a typical local and Christmas sweet, nowadays it’s consumed in various European countries and even beyond the Christmas time.
In Medina Sidonia you can also try exquisite Tortas Pardas (almond paste basket stuffed with sweet pumpkin), delicious Amarguillos (marzipan based on almonds, bitter almonds and sugar), Piñonates, Yemas, Pastas, etc.

Among the great variety of traditional Arab sweets made there, Medina Sidonia Alfajor definitely stands out. Originally called alajú, which comes from the Arabic word al-hasú (filling).