Consumption habits are changing dizzyingly in this sector. Consumers are getting more and more conscious of how important it is to take care of your health through the diet. Thus, sugary soft drinks, juices and alcoholic beverages are starting to have new competitors: natural and organic soft drinks, made from natural fruits, herbs or plants, without additives or preservatives, through innovative production processes. A new natural freshness!

The world of flavoured soft drinks is becoming increasingly broad and complex. In addition to consumer demand for healthy products, there’s also a demand for appealing tastes, combinations and aromas. This drink has become another way of keeping physical and mental health in balance. So, some new options get successful as they promise natural benefits and essential contributions to the body.

Cádiz has an interesting and growing production of alternative drinks to industrial soft drinks. With the aim of offering a natural, ecological, artisanal and conscious product, several companies in Cádiz have made a commitment to innovate in this sector.

With exotic flavours, packaged in small recyclable glass bottles and with a taste of natural quality products, the province offers a wide range of drinks made from local organic fruit and plants. The wonders of this land are bottled in this way, without artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives, going through different processes of distillation, fermentation or pasteurisation.

Some Cádiz brands offer lemonades in a wide range of flavours. They’re elaborated with the juice of lemons and organic fruits from Cádiz, fresh herb extracts, water and cane sugar – and nothing else. You can enjoy strawberry lemonade, mango lemonade or hibiscus lemonade, made with dried leaves of this exotic flower.
These are simple and refreshing drinks but their novelty, packaging and exceptional quality make them a sophisticated and naturally delicious option.

We also have a whole range of distillation-based drinks. Organic, natural and artisanal soft drinks, produced under strict quality control with the distinctive seal of organic products from the Cádiz land. In such an innovative and exceptional process, they mix ingredients traditionally used for distilling and making drinks, such as lemons and oranges, with exotic botanical plants, such as quinine, turmeric, ginger and vanilla, among others. The result? A truly new, organic and healthy soft drink that is becoming more and more popular every day.

One example of these novel beverages is Kombucha. Although it’s been consumed for thousands of years, there’s recently been a resurgence in the consumption of fermented drinks.

Kombucha is a 100% natural, non-alcoholic, fermented beverage. It’s produced with sweetened tea or infusions. Fermentation is achieved through bacteria and yeast breeding (SCOBY, Symbiotic Culture Of Baceria and Yeast), the hongo de Kombucha. Its fermentation transforms the tea or infusion into an exceptionally nutritious drink, providing vitamins, enzymes, minerals and essential organic acids. It has stimulating and healing effects and a rich natural taste. Its variety of flavours and options is growing every day.

The Cádiz companies that offer it use raw materials from certified organic agriculture, with continuous controls by the certifying bodies. These are products of sustainable production and fair trade. Much more than just a trend!