Naturally cooked

In recent years we’ve witnessed an interesting development in the sector of pre-cooked dishes, ready-to-eat, so to speak. Back to nature – an important turn towards vegan products and new appreciation of home-made flavour have converged into the appearance of new range of pre-cooked dishes, which satisfies every sybarite’s taste. Fast but premium!

It’s undeniable that the quality of pre-cooked dishes has risen recently and that many of them can make you feel like eating home-made food. A notorious development exists in companies from Cádiz with both new and interesting products.

Pre-cooked Andalusian dishes transmit their passion for good eating. Artisan and natural – these are their special traits.

In some cases, the province’s ready meals companies have unique products that replicate traditional recipes. These are the traditional recipes developed with the use of artisanal methods. On some occasions, they are deep-rooted local recipes, such as those from Sanlúcar de Barrameda made with choco (octopus).

Mostly packaged in glass jars or tins, they’re home-made dishes, stews, casseroles, and basic preparations that are ready to eat in a matter of minutes. Their great success is marked by their ability to combine the speed demanded by today’s consumer in this sector with the taste and aroma of the best grandmother’s cooking. The variety of the products offered, and their innovative presentations are constantly growing.

On the other hand, very innovative products have been launched in Cádiz in this sector. For instance, vegetable pâtés and preserves, sauces and stir-fries, vegan pâtés and an endless number of other innovative products that are constantly emerging. They are made with local products and the essence of Cádiz: leaf vegetables, fruits and raw materials. Packed in glass, we find both traditional and completely innovative recipes with a gourmet touch that are always completely natural, without any preservatives or colourings.

It’s tasty and, on some occasions, even innovative but traditional at the same time, transmitting the passion for local habits. We highlight, for example, vegetable pâtés made with tagarninas (Spanish oyster thistle) or asparagus, typical wild vegetables found in Cádiz, and the best local extra virgin olive oil.
Although this industry is still emerging in Cádiz, some of its production has already got organic certification. It’s gradually consolidating as an original gourmet product sector with a promising outlook. You must try it!