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This Andalusian southern region has been also blessed with olive cultivation. Cádiz extra virgin oil is the essence of its diverse territories, different varietals and a long history of olive growing – a millennial tree of the Mediterranean basin. Mountain-, countryside- and seaside olive groves are all multi-varietal, and their fruits are transformed into a range of aromas and flavours that gives taste to the delicious local gastronomy.

The food and wine “basket” of the province of Cádiz includes (as it could not be otherwise in Andalusia, the first olive oil producing region in the world) excellent olive oils. A walk through several famous “white” villages of the Sierra (mountains) would also be a walk through the history of olive oil. One example is Olvera, which got its name from the Arabic Wubira, alluding to the abundant olive groves that existed there in the times of Al-Andalus.

This mountain region is the traditional olive-growing area in the province. The product’s quality and the link established with its territory of origin led to the recognition of the D.O.P. Sierra de Cádiz in 2002.

D.O.P Sierra de Cádiz

These olive groves are difficult, even arduous to take care of, with steep slopes that require manual labour, typical of traditional age-old agriculture. The Sierra’s farmers put a lot of effort and tenacity into these olive groves.

In recent years, the production has spread to other areas of the province, with very different orography, soil types and climatic conditions. The countryside is covered with olive groves in areas such as Jerez and Medina Sidonia, as well as coastal areas, like the fields of Conil de la Frontera, where this crop has been a novelty in recent years. The range of extra virgin olive oils from Cádiz is expanding with new types for different tastes. As a common factor, the production of organic extra virgin olive oil is increasing, a reflection of the producers’ commitment to the sustainability of the natural environment.

The Cádiz olive grove is a multi-varietal one; each variety produces a different fruit, with its own organoleptic characteristics. Taste is in the variety! The main varieties are Lechín de Sevilla, Manzanilla, Verdial de Huévar, Verdial de Cádiz, Hojiblanca, Picual, Alameña de Montilla and Arbequina.

The most prominent variety in the Sierra is Lechín, which occupies almost half of the planted area, and is therefore the one that provides a differentiated character. Some aromatic coupages are produced by blending it with other varieties such as Hojiblanca, Picual and Manzanilla.
A recently introduced variety is Arbequina, which has given rise to elegant and fruity extra virgin oils, both single-variety and combined with other varieties such as Picual – perfect for international customers’ taste.