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Cádiz gastronomy is inevitably associated with the sea. Cádiz isn’t Cádiz without its almadraba tuna, fried fish and countless products of marine flavour. In recent years, frozen and ultra-frozen products have been gaining ground to fresh fish, allowing market growth to certain Cádiz companies with the history in the sector. Moreover, the demand for so-called precooked from the sea has been growing. These are the products of convenience, pre-seasoned and ready to be fried. Straight from the Atlantic to your table!

Cádiz companies have been Spanish benchmarks in the fishing sector. With a long history and based on the excellent product that abounds on these coasts, they’ve evolved in line with new demands and trends, innovating in new ways of preserving, presenting and preparing seafood products for consumers worldwide.
They’re united by a great passion for seafood, a strong commitment to sustainability and a constant search for excellence.They’re united by a great passion for seafood, a strong commitment to sustainability and a constant search for excellence.

In addition to the production of directly frozen fish by several companies, there are also other companies in the sector that produce precooked frozen fish. They specialise in ready-to-fry, floured fish, in line with the demand for quality and convenience products in local restaurants and have a wide range of products that’s growing and evolving every year.

Fish frying has a great tradition in this southern Andalusian province. In the 19th century, people had already been talking about the existence of numerous places in the Bay of Cádiz where fish was fried.

Among the frozen precooked products, there are currently, for example, various floured products such as sorrel, cleaned anchovies, cut squid, Sanlúcar prawns or red mullet. With these products catering businesses save time, effort and up to 40% of oil for frying. Really convenient!

In addition, there are also other preparations with seafood products, which offer province’s proper elaborations. They’re based on typical dishes and specialities of Cádiz gastronomy, such as tortillitas de camarones (shrimp fritters), homemade fish croquettes or cazón en adobo (marinated dogfish), also known as bienmesabe.

Another outstanding precooked dish is ortiguillas de mar (sea nettles), which has become a classic dish from Cádiz. Sea neetle lives on rocks or reefs. It’s usually served fried, as this preparation enhances its flavour and texture. Its tentacles are very crunchy, and its interior is very juicy.
A taste of contrasts!

The consumption of these precooked products at hotels and catering industry is constantly growing. The excellence of the product and the superb quality of its preparation, dispel false myths about frozen products, demonstrating the existence of a business group in Cádiz with a reliable industrial freezing process, with maximum respect for the seafood and the environment.
Authentic seafood!