Tasty tradition

The pig, especially the Iberian one, is the totem animal of the Spanish meat supply. In Cádiz it also plays an important role of the main character in the pantry-linked traditions, especially in the Sierra (mountains). Such customs as pig slaughter are deeply rooted. They were, and still are, a reason for family gatherings. Over time, small businesses that started out as local delis have been transformed into industries. They offer a tasty range of cured meats to satisfy even the most demanding buyers. A tradition brought up to date!

The curing process of hams and cured meats seems to have originated in Roman times, although it was the spread of Christianity that boosted its expansion in Spain; the consumption of pork products became an element of differentiation from other religions that coexisted in the area, where their consumption was anathema.

Cured pork products from the white and Iberian pigs are produced in the province of Cádiz, as well as typical cured meats such as morcón, morcilla, chicharrones… Among the former, we find the classic references of the Spanish range of cured products: jamón, chorizo, saucisson, loin.

This range of products is usually available both from the white pig and from its exquisite relative, the Iberian pig. And when it comes to these Iberian products, we can only raise our hats to celebrate their quality, aroma and excellent taste.

The range of cured meat specifically from Cádiz is made up of a series of products whose recipes are typical of the province, with a marked personality. This way, morcilla, which has the dual profile of a cooked and cured product, is usually made with pork liver, blood and bacon, paprika, salt and natural spices. Morcón is also similar to morcilla, but the natural casing is larger. Carne mechá, a great classic from Cádiz and the raw material for a delicious sandwich, is a recipe made with pork loin meat larded in its own juice, slowly and seasoned with various spices.

Chicharrones is another great dish, which is normally made with pork belly fried in lard, and is very thinly sliced. Then there’s zurrapa made with pork liver in manteca colorá, a traditional breakfast product in Andalusia. And manteca itself, spread on a warm toast, is also a delight of many.

The industry in Cádiz has been able to take these traditional recipes and prepare them at its facilities, equipped with the necessary hygienic and sanitary advances, in order to offer consumers a wide range of varied and delicious, handmade and faithful to tradition products, but with the necessary guarantees of quality and food safety.