Sea flavour

Seaweed is one of the gastronomic treasures of the province of Cádiz. They’re species such as sea lettuce, ogonori and aonori, very common in oriental cuisine and increasingly present in local cuisine. This choice of authentic flavours from the sea has been widened with marine plankton produced from microalgae for food use. An innovative development from Cádiz. Sea flavour has been served!

The first seaweeds that were used gastronomically in the area were the ortiguillas, sea anemones that live attached to the rocks. They’re characterised by a delicious sea flavour and a tender, juicy texture, as they’re high in water. They’re most commonly consumed fried, after having been carefully cleaned.

Marine plankton has won many awards in different gastronomic competitions. The development of this product is linked to Angel León, known as Chef del Mar (Sea Chef), who, in his prestigious restaurant Aponiente, has managed to make an impact with his culinary possibilities.

The supply of seaweed in the province has been boosted by the species produced around the salt marshes and estuaries of the Bay of Cádiz, the same habitat where sea salt is produced and where fish are also farmed. The wild seaweed that’s harvested has a high concentration of nutrients, provided by the enriched water that floods the marshes with the movement of the tides. Harvesting is done by hand, with a philosophy of sustainability that keeps the ecosystem in balance. They come in different versions: fresh, salted, dehydrated or combined with salt or spices, among other products.

As a result of an innovative project developed by a company from Cádiz, it’s been possible to produce microalgae for human food use. This marine plankton is available in different presentations, as well as combined with other products.

In addition to the algae, there’s also a curious plant that grows around the salt marshes – salicornia, also known as sea asparagus, for its similar but saltier taste.
In addition to its gastronomic qualities, seaweed has many health benefits, as it’s very low in fat and rich in minerals and vitamins. Food with a great future!