Petaca Chico

Petaca Chico is a company that sells wild bluefin tuna from the almadraba traps in Barbate. It focuses on selling fresh tuna in the corresponding season and distributes ultra-frozen tuna at -60°C throughout the year.  They also prepare, pack and sell octopus, swordfish and tuna, in frozen, defrosted, fresh and, in the case of octopus, also cooked. They offer a wide range of fresh fish, as well as a line of canned almadraba tuna. They have two industrial spaces for the processing and freezing of their products in the Cádiz Free Trade Zone and Conil de la Frontera. They also have the concession of 4 Almadrabas, located in Barbate, Tahardar and Olhão.

Frigoríficos Costa Sur

Fricosur is located in Chiclana de la Frontera and is focused on the production and distribution of frozen food of all kinds (vegetables, meat, seafood, fish, pre-cooked, ready meals, ice cream…), cooperating with the best brands in the sector. It has its own processing line for fish and other seafood products, carrying out processing and packaging work in different formats. Fricosur is associated with the Estrella Polar group and imports products from different international markets.

Congelados Caromar

Located in Chipiona, Congelados Caromar manufactures and sells frozen seafood products, specifically ready-to-fry floured fish ready without the need to defrost, under the Caromar brand. They elaborate the main types of fish that make up the fried fish from Cádiz.

Congelados Amar

Founded in 1988 in Conil de la Frontera, Congelados Amar is a seafood supplier and a company specialised in the commercialisation of frozen seafood products (fish and shellfish) for the hotel and catering sector and the final customer. They have four shops selling directly to public in Conil, Tarifa, Vejer and Barbate.

Viandas Cádiz

Located in Chiclana de la Frontera, Viandas Cádiz produces home-made pre-cooked and frozen seafood products for the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) channel. Its products are based on traditional fish recipes from the gastronomy of Cádiz, handmade with natural products and packaged in different formats.