Finca las Mesetas

Finca Las Mesetas is a family farm dedicated to the breeding of Iberian pigs; they produce and sell Iberian hams and cold cuts, typical of the area. They have their own vineyards. They have the distinctive PGI Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz and produce two brands of red wine, Xaldenil and 7 Mil Pasos.

Embutidos Gazules

Small company located in Alcalá de los Gazules. They specialise in the production of handmade cured meats and Iberian pork. They own the quality mark Marca Parque de Andalucía, promoted by the Region Government of Andalusia.

El Bucarito

A family business that works in different areas: breeders of Iberian pigs and Florida breed goats, grow pomegranate and almond trees, make goat cheese and also sell Iberian hams and cured meats from their own pig herd. It has a bakery and a catering company. They make goat cheese, both from raw and pasteurised milk, and other dairy products. No preservatives are used. They’re Welfare Quality certified, which guarantees sufficient levels of animal welfare on their farm. Pomegranate juice and almonds are certified as organic. They offer guided tours at their facilities.

La Serrana

Located in Olvera since the 1970s, they’re specialists in a wide range of artisan cured and cooked cold cuts from the Sierra de Cádiz made using traditional recipes. As artisans of flavour, they take great care in the manufacture of their products, from the selection of the best raw materials to the artisan production processes.

Chacinas Piñero

Located in the heart of the Sierra de Cádiz, Chacinas Piñero produces cold cuts and ham made using traditional techniques inherited from several generations. Its commitment is to maintain the flavours of a lifetime with the best raw materials, without colourings or preservatives, produced in an artisan way.

Chacinas Méndez

Chacinas Méndez is a company with more than 40 years of family tradition located in El Bosque, in the Sierra de Cádiz. They base their philosophy on the continuity of traditional formulas to produce top quality cold cuts and other meat products.

Chacinas El Bosque

A family business located in the Sierra de Cádiz. Using traditional methods without additives they produce cured meats and meat derivatives, both from white and Iberian pigs, typical of the area. They have the quality mark of Marca Parque de Andalucía, promoted by the Andalusian Regional Government.