Salinas y celebraciones San Vicente

Fourth generation family business, dedicated to the production and sale of Atlantic salt from the Salina de San Vicente, in San Fernando.  They achieved the first organic salt certificate in Spain. They currently have a wide range of organic salts and mixtures of sea salt and Fleur de sel with spices. They also offer celebrations at their facilities.

Salinas de Chiclana

Located in Chiclana, these salt mines are owned by Chiclana Town Hall with an operating concession to the private company Alema Turismo y Medioambiente. They produce handmade salts, Fleur de Sel, bath salts. They offer guided tours at the salt mines, celebrations and salt spa.


GoldSal is a company that produces and sells natural artisan salt according to more than 100-year-old family tradition. Its star product to which it owes its name, gold salt, which is the Flor de Sal (Fleur de Sel) from the Bay of Cádiz mixed with edible 24K gold flakes. Its presentation corresponds to a luxury product, and it is consumed in 5* hotels, haute cuisine, celebrities or royal families. It’s the most luxurious salt in the world.