Picos Yeyé

Located in Puerto Real, Picos Yeyé is a company focused on the production, distribution and sale of picos, regañas, colines, bread and homemade pastries, among others. They sell mainly to the hotel and catering sector.

El Bucarito

A family business that works in different areas: breeders of Iberian pigs and Florida breed goats, grow pomegranate and almond trees, make goat cheese and also sell Iberian hams and cured meats from their own pig herd. It has a bakery and a catering company. They make goat cheese, both from raw and pasteurised milk, and other dairy products. No preservatives are used. They’re Welfare Quality certified, which guarantees sufficient levels of animal welfare on their farm. Pomegranate juice and almonds are certified as organic. They offer guided tours at their facilities.

Abuelo Bread

Coming from the traditional bakery, Abuelo Bread was born in El Puerto de Santa María in 2017, dedicated exclusively to the production and marketing of dry bakery products without gluten and without the main allergens. They make picos, regañás and different types of snacks.